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How I get $12 bonus from Clixsense to my 1 year old account?


Some people earning $3-4 in a day from Clixsense and some are unable to earn $1 since they are joined into Clixsense. I was to be one of them at the beginning by I am so excited and taking Clixsense as a serious make money online sites after a miracle happen. Last week Clixsense make me surprise by paying $12 as bonus earning and ​Additionally  $4 extra commission after 2 days of getting a bonus. So now in this month, I have earned $20 so far. (Emoje) Want to know how I did all this! Keep reading and I will let you know how anyone with 1 year old account can earn $10-20 onetime payment from Clixsense. Let beginning…

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My Clixsense story:

On September 8, 2015, I was started my Clixsense account, back there earning is not so regular and I negate Clixsense for low payment, when it’s time to start my own blog I was thing why not refer my blog reader (Still now I am doing the same thing) to sing up for free Clixsense account as it’s a most genuine and oldest PTC website that I ever heard. Hence after getting success with my blog, I earn on an average $4 in a month. So I have to wait for 2 months for getting my $8 payment.

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How I earn $12 bonus?

Few of my blogger friend share their experience that upgrading Clixsense account is way more better than regular free account. Even they told that after upgrading Clixsense surprisely send a random bonus of $12-$20 to each account. Just for curiosity, I was made a payment of $17 to upgrade my Clixsense account as premium. I was shocked when I check my balance, Its $12 as a bonus commission. Awesome. Here is the proof that I took that time.

So in conclusion updating Clixsense account cost you almost zero. As because Clixsense return a bonus almost same amount of your upgrading changes. So why wait to upgrade your account and check your additional earning right now-

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Now I am earning Triple from my Clixsense account?

Guess what happen after upgrading my Clixsense account. Back there I was work hard to earn the minimum amount of $8 but now I am earning almost $26.00 per month. So now with happily I am earning more than triple than previous free account. Let’s see the screenshot of my last month payment-

Upgrade to Clixsense Premium Account

Why you should Upgrade to Clixsense premium account.

There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:

  1. Referral signup commissions.
  2. Higher direct referral commissions.
  3. More chances to win in ClixGrid.
  4. 8-Tier Affiliate Program.

There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like: Referral signup commissions Higher direct referral commissions More chances to win in ClixGrid 8-Tier Affiliate Program *

Use my affiliate link and get $4 dollar extra:

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When I read about Clixsense premium account I was referred from one of my friend who already has Clixsense premium account. Also, I have 500 + grand referral member in Clixsense. So its win- win seduction if you upgrade your plan using my referral id I will get a commission and in return, you will get up to $4 commission being a premium member recommended from

Here is a Proof of my another commission consider as bonus-

Clixsense Payment Proof

Clixsense premium account


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