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  1. The tricks on your post to recruit referrals are usefull and helpfull for beginners. While every of the ways you mentioned are limited. At a certain point all of the practice turns to spam, you can ask once but always is spam.
    Its funny that I use to spam people on a smart way.
    Whenever anyone added me to any irelivent WhatsApp groups, I warnned the group members not to add me on such boring and irelivent groups. Whenever I got bad reply about ego problem or spam related, I use to spam every groups offen with attractive money making post like ‘earn money viewing ads, get paid via paypal’ with my affiliate link. Same with Facebook groups.
    I received many negative feedback about this process from other group members. But the good part is I received more than 50 referrals, maximum were inactive, but lots of signup bonous for me. I earned more than $20.
    I personally didn’t like the process, but it was a fun game for me on those days.
    On my point of view, Blog is the only good way to get referrals continuesly.

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