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Expresspaid PTC Review – How I Earn $1000 from


After working with clixsense (Earned-$25 this week), I am now pretty much interested in more PTC websites. So today I am going to share my experience with expresspaid PTC that is another popular PTC website to earn money online. As like clixsense here you can make money by viewing ads, paying game, and by referring people to join on expresspaid. So let get busy by discovering how work? How to make money with And How to cross $1000 in

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How to Register in

First thing you need to do is sign up using this link. After signup you will received a verification email into you’re your email address that content your username, password and the secondary password.

Expresspaid PTC Review

How to login in ExpressPaid?

Hope you have already registered in, now make sure you have saved your login credentials safely and use this link to get started. Note you have entire both your primary and secondary password in order to get inside.

How to start work in ExpressPaid?

If you are familiar with Clixsense then you don’t have worry about how to work! As like Clixsense you can earn money by viewing ads, by Playing Ads Grid Game and by referral commission, unlike it has no survey to earn money. So let me share more for your success.

Expresspaid PTC Review – How I Earn $1000 from

Expresspaid PTC Review Earn by View ads-

After login you will be able to see a menu grid to view ads, just click over there and hit your mouse to any of ads, after your very first click you can see a pink dot is appearing, now click right on the pink dot and within a second you can see a new incoming windows opened with a adverting site, it will take 2-5 see to load and complete the view ads process. The system will automatically send a notification on the top of your browser that view ads 100% completed, now you can close and refresh the dashboard page to check your balance, you can earn $0.0010 – $0.0100 USD on per view ads.

Expresspaid PTC Review Earn by Playing Ads Grid Game

Its 30X20 Grid picture where one of cell content the winning price. You can click on a random cell and perhaps you are luckiest person who will earn 0.01 USD.

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Expresspaid Review: Earn by referral commission:

So you have lots online reputation and want to use them to covert as money? Why not refer people into and earn a good amount as referral commission. Let me let you the magic part of getting success in this referral commission –

Facebook: You might have a lot of friend or managing page that that 1000+ like, so you can use the expresspaid affiliate link and let them know that it’s is best way to earn some passive income, and you too are enjoying!

Twitter: You can tweet about expresspaid and by using referral link you can convene 10-25% of your twitter follower as referral commission.

Blog: Do you blog? That’s sounds good if you can write few of article about expresspaid and share how much you have success with this PTC website. Many of your blog reader and subscriber will soon join using your referral link and generate extra cash into your account.

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How to get paid from

Getting paid from is so easy, once you have updated your PayPal account, Payza account, Or Perfect Money account you are eligible to get paid from your earning money. Before cash out Make sure you have earned $5 as per term.

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Upgrade your plan and get free eBooks:

Plan Name Duration Per click Max Direct Ref Max Rented Ref Ref per click Cashout minimum Limit Price
Standard Unlimited 100% of per click 50 200 $0.001 $5.00 Free
Express Plus 45 days 400% of per click 2000 2000 $0.002 $5.00 $20.00
Super Express 365 days 500% of per click 5000 2500 $0.003 $5.00 $175.00
Super Pro 365 days 500% of per click 8000 4000 $0.004 $5.00 $425.00
Executive membership 365 days 500% of per click Unlimited 4000 $0.005 $5.00 $850.00
Express Grand 548 days 800% of per click Unlimited 8000 $0.008 $100.00 $2000.00

Expresspaid PTC Review

As like Clixsense you can upgrade your plan in order to do it professionally. Please be sure that after having 6 months or later work experience will be ideal to take decision to upgrade your plan. Here I re introduce the available plan pricing and earning scheme for you. Take your time to review and sign up using our referral link to win a free EBook on PTC Success Guide. This book will help you to earn maximum out of all PTC website and start passionate earning by work at home.

Note: Free Subscriber will also eligible to grab my free eBook on PTC Success Guide. Hurry and sing up here by not to miss this opportunity.

Do you need any support?

Shall I missed few of points and need some calefaction? Don’t hesitate to send me an email to or comment below , I will get back to you with in 24 house. Let talk and know each and reverting of ExpressPaid. What do think?

Win-Win Situation – Sign up with my referral link and get my 16 page EBook that help you to get into your first $1000 into ! Thanks YOU 🙂

Expresspaid PTC Review

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  1. Hello friends,
    welcome, Iam doing this Clixsence and newbux ptc sites regularly. from clixsence I have received $10.5, and on credit $6. From new bux i got $2,3and 4.and on credit .5 dollers. I am still continuings this.
    Along with this Champcash earn easy. It is for Android phone users. No investment. From the phone go to gogle playstore install champcash.
    there You fill in the reference ID 8760678.You will get upto 9/10 sites. One by one calmly install, open and leave 2to minitues. Then go to next site like the above. If whenever necessary you register as what said in the site.. After installed all the site you get your ID No. That is all. After this same thing, you invite and earn in champcash site and invite your friends repeat what you did.
    All this is available in different languages.

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